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Arnold Schwarzenegger explains why he still goes to the gym at 75

Terminator and Predator star Arnold Schwarzenegger explains why he still trains at the gym every day, aged 75, and will continue until he dies

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still fit and going strong, aged 75. After a long career that has included being a bodybuilder, a huge Hollywood action movie star and the small matter of governing California, the Austrian heavyweight is still taking on a wide range of projects. He’s out of retirement and busier than ever.

Schwarzenegger has an upcoming TV series coming to Netflix about a father and daughter who discover they are both spies, and the Twins sequel Triplets is apparently still going ahead, despite the sad passing of Ivan Reitman. Schwarzenegger also hosts an annual convention called the Arnold Sports Festival, filled with body-builders, weight-lifters and strong men.

Schwarzenegger has also passed the legacy on, with two acting sons – Patrick and Joseph – as well as son-in-law Chris Pratt. Arnie recently spoke to Logan Paul, who presented the Slap Fighting Championship with Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Sports Festival, about why he still trains in the gym every day. And there’s a sentence we never thought we’d write.

Paul asks him (via UniLad); “why do you still come to the gym, you’re 75 years old, you did the Mr Universe…” and Schwarzenegger responds; “for the same reason as why I’m having breakfast today. I’ve had breakfast today, I had breakfast 10 years ago, why am I still having breakfast?”

Paul says; “It’s so rooted in who you are” and Schwarzenegger responds; “Exactly. It’s the same with training. Training is such a big part of my life. It’s that simple. Nothing will ever change until I die.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an action hero from the Terminator, Commando, Predator, and Conan the Barbarian movies. He’s also starred in many comedies such as Kindergarten Cop, Twins, Last Action Hero, True Lies, Junior, and Jingle all the Way.

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