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Jon Hamm open to MCU return after failed X-Men role

Mad Men star Jon Hamm has revealed he's open to playing an MCU character despite failing to secure a role in the old Fox X-Men movies

Jon Hamm MCU movie

Mad Men star Jon Hamm has revealed he’s open to playing an MCU character despite failing to secure a role in the old Fox X-Men movies. Speaking to Comicbook.com Hamm opened up about the rumours that he nearly played the deadly geneticist and all-around bad guy Mister Sinister in a New Mutants post-credit scene.

“That franchise — it’s so weird to talk about it that way — but I was a big fan of just reading the comic books when I was a kid, the X-Men of the ’80s,” Hamm explained. “I remain a fan. It’s an interesting, very cool story, for want of a better word.”

“Something like the most recent Spider-Man, which was such a cool iteration of that idea of the Multiverse and what’s happening and how three things can exist at the same time, it’s very creative,” Hamm continued. “The way that they lean into that creativity is something that, for sure, I’d be happy to be a part of.”

Hamm was reportedly in talks with Fox to play Nathaniel Essex, aka Mister Sinister, but unfortunately, things fell through and he never shot anything. One of the more evil X-Men characters, Sinister is a human scientist who dreams of creating a race of genetically engineered supermen.

The awful academic eventually meets Apocalypse (the blue bloke played by Oscar Isaac) who gives Sinister superpowers, including super-strength, the ability to control his own molecules, and energy attacks.

Despite being a constant thorn in the side of Xavier’s best and brightest he’s never been adapted for the big screen. If you love Marvel’s merry mutants check out our guide on how to watch the X-Men movies in order.