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Resident Evil Netflix series trailer reveals New Raccoon City

The first Resident Evil Netflix series trailer gives us a proper look at New Raccoon City, and all the zombies Umbrella has inflicted on the world

Resident Evil Netflix series trailer

Netflix has released the first trailer for its Resident Evil live-action TV series. Easy on explicit details, the footage does give us our first look at many of the cast, and a health smattering of zombie fun for good measure.

We open on two sisters, Billie and Jade, who’re being brought to the Umbrella Corporation in New Raccoon City in 2022. Their father, Albert Wesker, includes them in his mysterious experiments. Spoilers: what he’s doing is not good, and will have dire consequences. Cut to the year 2036, and wouldn’t you know it, there were dire consequences from Umbrella’s carry on.

Jade is in London, and she’s with a group of survivors who navigate what appears to be an endless horde of walking dead. Then we jump to a montage of action, with lots of little nods and references for fans of the horror games. Lickers appear to be a real problem, with one first-person view reminiscent of their agility, and another quick look at a stretched appendage that suggests that horrific tongue.

We get some standard Resident Evil fare amid the chaos, with heroes struggling against the horrific monsters Umbrella has wrought on the world. Some AI mascot from Umbrella appears towards the end, making it all seem quite Black Mirror.

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Andrew Dabb is showrunner on Netflix’s Resident Evil series, and it should be noted this is not connected to Infinite Darkness, also on Netflix, or Welcome to Raccoon City, the zombie movie from 2021. None are related to the previous action movies from Paul WS Anderson.

At the end of the trailer we get a release date – Resident Evil comes to Netflix July 14.