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Harry Potter fans want to preserve Dobby’s grave

Dobby's grave in Pembrokeshire is in danger of being moved, so Harry Potter fans are campaigning to preserve the site in tribute to their hero

Dobby in Harry Potter

Dobby may be a free elf, but his grave is still in danger. A spot left in tribute to the Harry Potter character at Freshwater West Beach,  Pembrokeshire could be moved, though fans of the fantasy movie franchise are hoping to stop it.

The makeshift gravestone lies in the same position as where Dobby’s death was filmed in the Harry Potter movies. BBC reports that residents in the area aren’t keen on having the landmark there. A survey from the National Trust stated that people living nearby had worries about the “impact on the area”. Eager fans regularly make the trip to leave tributes of their own, creating a bit of a mess.

“They can’t destroy this, it’s just too cute. I can’t believe how much one fictional character can bring so much love to people,” Victoria Maclean, a Harry Potter fan, said, while Bill Webber, a local, expressed an opposing view: “It’s in the wrong place, it shouldn’t be here. People that come down here, they’re going up the sand dunes, and leaving their stones and socks up there, and it’s absolute litter.” As yet, it doesn’t appear like any decision has been made, but it seems like a contentious issue that might require some compromise.

Dobby is one of the more beloved heroes of the adventure movies. Introduced as a loyal houself, he eventually earns his freedom – through being gifted a sock – then dedicates himself to helping Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

His death is one of the most tragic moments, both in the books and in the films. Add the fact it was filmed somewhere travelable by train, and you’ve got a fine spot for fans to go and feel a little bit of connection with one of their fictitious favourites.

We’ll see what happens with Dobby’s grave, but heading out to Pembrokeshire is still a better use of your time than watching the latest Harry Potter instalment, at least according to our Fantastic Beasts 3 review. No amount of socks can free us from that particular kind of torment.