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Fast and Furious inspires heist of 40 luxury cars in India

Three men were inspired by the Fast and Furious movies to perpetrate the robbery of 40 luxury vehicles across Delhi, it's been reported

Fast 9

The Fast and Furious movies feature outlandish heists perpetrated using state-of-the-art technology. They’re science fiction movies that you’d think had little basis in reality. A recent heist of a few dozen designer automobiles will tell you Dom Toretto and his crew have some real-life counterparts.

The Hindustan Times reports that three men managed to take 40 luxury cars over the course of a month, from various locations across Delhi. According to information gleamed from their recent arrest, they used GPS scanners, remote-control cars, devices for jacking door locks, and other high-tech pieces of kits.

“The accused were inspired by Hollywood movie The Fast and the Furious and used scanners to unlock the cars within minutes, and then used a jammer to disable the GPS installed in the cars,” Manoj C, deputy commissioner of police, stated per news agency PTI. “The accused disclosed that by using a software-based hacking device, they unlocked cars and after formatting the vehicle’s software, installed new software with the help of the device. The new keys became ready and they stole the cars within two to three minutes.”

The three men took the stolen vehicles to public locations without a lot of CCTV around, then sold them on. Two were caught fulfilling one such deal, trying to pawn off a car on some unwitting buyer.

It all reads like the plot of one of the earlier Fast and Furious instalments, before the franchise morphed into huge blockbusters that involved cyber-terrorism and globe-trotting hijinks. Could be inspiration for a future spin-off, since Fast 10 and 11 are supposed to end the mainline films.

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