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Tom Hardy’s Taboo sets season 2 shoot date

The long-awaited hit TV series Taboo season 2, starring the action movie star Tom Hardy, finally has a speculative shooting date for late 2022

Tom Hardy’s Taboo sets season 2 shoot date

Finally, after a few years of delays, the hit Victorian TV series Taboo season 2 has a production update. Speaking at a convention in Birmingham, Showrunner Steven Knight (also known for his work on Peaky Blinders) revealed a speculative start date for filming on the next chapter of the Tom Hardy series.

It has been five years since the first season of Taboo aired on our small screens. Thanks to Tom Hardy, who plays the leading role of James Delaney, scheduling conflicts with the action movie franchise, Venom, the BBC One series has been put on the back burner for quite some time. However, Knight has now assured fans that he and Tom Hardy are finally committed to Taboo’s progression, and will likely begin shooting season 2 in late 2022.

“I imagine that it will start production towards the end of next year,” Knight explained (via Broadcast). “[Tom and I] are both keen to continue, and there are lots of people who want us to continue in that direction. It’s been a question of schedules and deciding where it goes next.”

Speaking to Esquire back in 2021, Hardy admitted that Taboo season 2 holds a special place in his heart, hinting that just like Knight, he is committed to taking the time to get the next instalment right.

“It’s taken a lot of thinking because I really enjoyed the first one, and I want to be really fulfilled by the second one,” Hardy said. “We’re still playing with ideas: you could go linear, a continuation of time, or we could drop prior to London, or we could quantum-leap through time! I don’t know whether to go orthodox – there’s a series of that already written – but I don’t know if that’s the right way to go.”

While we wait on more Taboo season 2 news, fans can now watch the series’ first season on Prime Video. If you want to sign up for a free seven day trial of Amazon Prime, be sure to click our link here.