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Marvel Studios can now use Stan Lee’s likeness for the next 20 years

Marvel Studios has agreed to a deal that allows for Stan Lee's likeness to be used in the MCU for the next two decades. as well as Disney parks

Stan Lee in the MCU

If you thought Stan Lee’s MCU cameos would end with his passing in 2018, you were mistaken. Marvel Studios has signed a new deal to use the late writer and creator’s likeness for the next two decades in MCU moviesTV series, and theme park rides.

Genius Brands, a company that co-owns Stan Lee Universe, LLC with POW! Entertainment, made the announcement. “We are proud to be the stewards of the incredibly valuable rights to Stan Lee’s name, likeness, merchandise, and intellectual property brand,” Andy Heyward, Chairman and CEO of Genius Brands, said in a statement. “There is no better place than Marvel and Disney where Stan should be for his movies and theme park experiences.”

Part of the impetus for the agreement is Lee’s upcoming 100th birthday. “As we enter the centennial year of Stan’s birthday, December 28, 2022, we are thrilled to see his memory and legacy will continue to delight fans through this new long-term agreement with Marvel,” Heyward says. We’ll probably just watch Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and read some of his classic Fantastic Four books, but to each their own.

The deal will allow Marvel Studios to use Lee’s likeness, signature, name, and voice in movies and TV shows. Existing footage, images, and audio may be reused as well, and Disney Parks can include Lee in just about across water parks, theme parks, cruises, and on-site merchandise.

“As Stan’s longtime business partner and friend, I’m looking forward to commemorating his work in this new way,” Gill Champion, president of POW! Entertainment, added. “Building a connection with his fans is important to us and it’s a privilege to get to do that on his behalf”

Lee’s cameos were a highlight of the MCU. He filmed several before he passed, allowing post-humous appearances in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.