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The Flash showrunner isn’t sure he can save Legends of Tomorrow

Sorry Legend of Tomorrow fans, it looks like the showrunner for The Flash isn't planning on any crossover episodes to save the Arrowverse heroes any time soon

The Flash showrunner isn't sure he can save Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow is currently in its seventh and final season, and unfortunately, it looks like not even The Flash showrunner, Eric Wallace, can save the DC series. According to TV Line, Wallace has his hands full with season nine of The Flash, and won’t be able to help in the good fight to bring closure to fans of the Arrowverse series.

Legends of Tomorrow, after seven seasons, was officially cancelled in March 2022. The last episode of the TV series ended with Booster Gold arresting the Legends for time crimes. It is a bit of a cliff-hanger, and understandably news that the sci-fi series won’t be coming back was heart-breaking. Still, the fact that Barry Allen, from the other CW DC series, The Flash, appeared in the season did give them hope that maybe a crossover will be in the cards and see a resolution of sorts.

In an interview, Wallace was pitched the idea for The Flash season 9, where the speedy superhero leads a prison break for the Legends in a fun crossover. This would give fans a chance to see what happens to the characters since the series has been axed. Wallace was intrigued by the idea but couldn’t confirm anything since he had his hands full with the current season of the Flash.

The Flash was on track to end after its eighth instalment. However, after getting a renewal in January, it seems like season 9 will be the show’s big finale instead.

With that in mind, Wallace is busy potentially preparing the ending to the popular story and doing all the character’s arcs justice. This essentially means that a Legends cameo just isn’t a priority.

“Going to save the Legends… As much as I’d love to do that, that’s not something that is very easy to do in a season when I may have to wrap up my own story,” he explained. “I want to be honest, and not get anybody’s hopes up!”

The Flash season 9 should premiere sometime this autumn.