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David Cronenberg expects people will walk out of his new horror movie

David Cronenberg expects there there will be walk-outs within the first five minutes of his new body horror movie, Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future

Hype is starting to build for the Cannes premiere of David Cronenberg’s first film in eight years – Crimes of the Future. It is a strong about-turn for the notorious Canadian director, back to the body horror movie heyday of his work from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. And Cronenberg himself is warning that the film will require a strong stomach.

Cronenberg has reteamed with Viggo Mortensen, who he worked with on A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, for Crimes of the Future. It also stars Kristen Stewart and Lea Seydoux, and combines futuristic surgery with performance art. The recently released red-band trailer was stomach-churning enough, so the whole movie will likely prove too much for many.

Speaking to Deadline, Cronenberg says; “There are some very strong scenes. I mean, I’m sure that we will have walkouts within the first five minutes of the movie. I’m sure of that. Some people who have seen the film have said that they think the last 20 minutes will be very hard on people, and that there’ll be a lot of walkouts. Some guy said that he almost had a panic attack. And I say, “Well, that would be OK.” But I’m not convinced that that will be a general reaction.”

Speaking specifically of the Cannes reaction, Cronenberg says; “I do expect walkouts in Cannes, and that’s a very special thing. [Laughs] People always walk out, and the seats notoriously clack as you get up, because the seats fold back and hit the back of the seat. So, you hear clack, clack, clack. Whether they’ll be outraged the way they were with Crash, I somehow don’t think so. They might be revulsed to the point that they want to leave, but that’s not the same as being outraged. However, I have no idea really what’s going to happen.”

Cronenberg’s last movie was 2014’s Map to the Stars starring Robert Pattinson, and his last movie with significant body horror elements was 1999’s eXistenZ. It is primarily what he’s known for though, with such classics as The Fly and Videodrome.

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