Is Tom Cruise in Doctor Strange 2?

Before the Multiverse of Madness hit cinemas there were plenty of rumoured cameos here's if there was any truth to whether Tom Cruise is in Doctor Strange 2

Is Tom Cruise in Doctor Strange 2? Superior Iron Man and Ethan Hawke

Is Tom Cruise in Doctor Strange 2? Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is back in a new marvellous adventure that sees him and newcomer America Chavez ( Xochitl Gomez) travel the multiverse in the hope of saving all of creation. In the run-up to the fantasy movie’s release, speculation reached a fever pitch, with fans guessing which Marvel characters from across the multiverse may make a cameo.

There were rumours that everyone from the Merc’ with a Mouth Deadpool to the God of Mischief Loki would appear in some form or another. All of this was exacerbated when No Way Home brought back two previous Spideys from previous Spider-Man movies, and fans became convinced that Multiverse of Madness would be a literal smorgasbord of cameos.

Of all these rumours, though, the most outlandish had to be that action movie veteran Tom Cruise would appear in the film playing an Iron Man variant. Well, Doctor Strange 2 is now in theatres, so we can definitely answer ‘is Tom Cruise in Doctor Strange 2?’ Here’s everything you need to know about those Cruise Iron Man rumours.

Is Tom Cruise in Doctor Strange 2?

No. Despite all the rumours and scoopers claiming that Cruise was playing an Iron man variant, he isn’t in Doctor Strange 2. It also means (surprise, surprise) that those pictures of Cruise ‘on set’ were fake.

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Those who said Cruise was in the film have pivoted now into saying Cruise will one day appear in the MCU as a Stark variant, but you’ll forgive us for taking that with a pinch of salt.

Is Tom Cruise in Doctor Strange 2? Tom Cruise as Ethan Hawke in Mission Impossible

Who was Tom Cruise supposed to play in Iron Man 2?

The rumour was that Tom Cruise would be playing a Tony Stark variant known as the ‘Superior Iron Man’. In the comics, Superior Iron Man isn’t an alternate version of the hero; it’s the main Earth-616 version of the character who becomes evil thanks to the machinations of the Red Skull.

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Stripped on his morals, Stark becomes more ruthless and unscrupulous, designing a new suit of armour based on the Venom symbiote.

While he doesn’t become an outright supervillain, Stark does get up to some pretty shady stuff, including getting the people of San Francisco addicted to Extremis (and then charging them for it), which brings him into conflict with Captain America. Eventually, this version dies during a multiversal Incursion. Hey, that sounds familiar…

Is Tom Cruise in Doctor Strange 2? Tony Stark the Superior Iron Man

What are the origins of the Tom Cruise Iron Man rumours?

The reason why people are so convinced Cruise is going to be in Doctor Strange 2 has its origins in the early noughties. This was before Marvel Studios was the powerhouse it is now.

When the original plans for what would become the MCU were being plotted, Cruise was supposedly briefly attached to star in an Iron Man movie.

Cruise appearing in Doctor Strange 2 (or the MCU in the future) would be a cute nod to what could have been if we’d branched off into another reality.

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