Indiana Jones 5 will be “badass”, says Boyd Holbrook

Boyd Holbrook, currently starring in The Sandman and set to star in Indiana Jones 5, says "it's gonna be fast, it's gonna be badass and it's gonna have heart"

Boyd Holbrook in Logan

Boyd Holbrook is currently promoting his role as the supremely creepy Corinthian in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series on Netflix. But, he has another exciting project coming up, and that’s Indiana Jones 5. Holbrook is reteaming with director James Mangold after previously appearing in Logan alongside Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

Speaking to Men’s Health magazine, Holbrook gave an update on Indiana Jones; “I can assure you that it’s going to be badass. I got to see like half an hour of it when I went to LA, and I saw Jim [James Mangold]. You know, just look at his work eg. Ford v Ferrari, it’s gonna be fast, it’s gonna be badass, and it’s gonna have heart. All of his films have this emotional beat in them, but we’ve got this grand scale of Indiana Jones.”

Holbrook continued; “And Harrison is the best type of crazy you can get. And I really grew up with Indiana Jones. I wasn’t so big on other franchises, and stuff like that, but to do that, it really just reignited why I want to do this.”

Holbrook says the long shoot has been worth it; “You live on the road. It’s been about 10 months on the road right now, being a traveling circus with your family. It was just refreshing to want to go through all that. To do something and to make something that’s burned into eternity. To be part of Indiana Jones—it’s pretty great.”

Indiana Jones 5 filming took place mostly in 2021, and was wrapped by February 2022. The release has been delayed several times and is now set for June 2023. The cast also includes Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen, and Antonio Banderas.

The plot is being kept tightly under-wraps and there is speculation that there will be flashbacks with a de-aged Ford, or that there may even be a time-travel element.

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