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Where was the movie Prey filmed?

There's a brand new instalment in the Predator franchise on Disney Plus, but where was the movie Prey filmed? We have the answer for you

Amber Midthunder and the Predator in Prey

Where was the movie Prey filmed? The Predator franchise has expanded with the arrival of the new science fiction movie Prey, which landed on streaming service Disney Plus on August 5. Prey introduces us to a whole new setting, in a time long before Arnold Schwarzenegger faced off against the deadly Predator in the original ‘80s movie.

This new action movie takes us to the Comanche Nation in 1719, where a warrior named Naru (Amber Midthunder) hunts down a mysterious beast, only to discover it’s a deadly alien! Our Prey review has high praise for this new monster movie, describing it as “the best Predator movie since Schwarzenegger.”

One of the most impressive facets of the newest alien movie on the block is the fact that it manages to be original and fresh within an already established franchise. A key factor for this is the new environment it puts our characters in, but where was the movie Prey filmed exactly? Well, we’ve been hunting down that information, and we have the answers for you.

Where was the movie Prey filmed?

Prey was filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Although Calgary is predominantly a developed urban area with large skyscrapers, it is surrounded by large expanses of forest and green land which make it the perfect setting for this thriller movie.

The movie takes place way back in 1719, and focuses on the Comanche Nation who inhabited the Great Plains of the United States. Clearly, the beautiful scenery of Calgary was a great choice to replicate this.

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