The Batman 2 isn’t official yet, but Matt Reeves is still writing it

Things are pretty confusing in the DC Extended Universe, as it's revealed The Batman 2 doesn't have the greenlight yet, but it's being written

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Things are getting more and more confusing in the DC Extended Universe by the day, with projects being cancelled and the future looking uncertain for many others. Now it’s been revealed The Batman 2 doesn’t actually have the greenlight yet, but Matt Reeves is still writing the script for the superhero movie sequel as we speak.

After the recent merger of Warner Bros with Discovery, and the announcement from new CEO David Zaslav that the Batgirl movie had been cancelled, it seems no DC movie is safe. With the fantastic critical reception and decent box-office returns of the latest Batman movie, you’d assume a sequel to Matt Reeve’s epic detective movie was in the bag, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

The project was presumed to have been given the greenlight back in April 2022, but the tumultuous start to life at Warner Bros Discovery has left things up in the air. According to a report from Variety, The Batman 2 isn’t official just yet, but it is being written at least.

Writer-director Matt Reeves is actively working on the script for the action movie sequel, as he continues to develop his Batverse. There is also the Penguin TV series Reeves is working on, which so far has not been affected by the changes at Warner.

The Batman earned a respectable $770 million in its theatrical run earlier in 2022, against a reported budget of roughly $200 million. Those are solid figures, and should stand Reeves in good stead to be trusted to continue his story with Batman actor Robert Pattinson.

Warner Bros Discovery chief Zaslav is apparently looking to model the world of DC on the success of the MCU, and is keen for every entry to be linked together, and have cinematic spectacle.

While The Batman was considered separate to the DCEU timeline, it’s promising that the Joker 2 release date has been confirmed. The Batman villain story was also a standalone story, but there’s every chance that moving forward these worlds collide.