The Boys season 4 has started filming

Antony Starr, who plays Homelander, has confirmed that the fourth season of The Boys has started filming, and posted a throwback photo of the original Seven

The Boys Homelander

Homelander himself, Antony Starr, has confirmed that filming of the fourth season of The Boys is underway. He posted a throw-back photo of the original Seven from season one to celebrate.

In case you need reminding, the original Seven consisted of Homelander, Noir, Maeve, The Deep, A-Train, Translucent and new addition (in the first season) Starlight. Over the course of the three seasons, the Seven has very rarely actually had seven members. Translucent was the first to be dispatched (by Hughie, no less), and The Deep was swiftly sent packing due to him sexually assaulting Starlight as soon as she entered Vought Tower. A-Train has also frequently been AWOL due to his substance abuse and heart problems.

Both Noir and Maeve were also put out of action at the end of season three. Starlight has often been in-and-out of the Seven due to her hatred of Homelander but need for him to not kill her and everyone she loves. Other members have come and gone, such as Homelander’s brief girlfriend Stormfront and Starlight’s ex-boyfriend Supersonic.

Season four promises to bring two big threats to The Boys’ Butcher, Hughie, Frenchie, Mother’s Milk and Kimiko, as well as the wider world. The first is Victoria Neuman – the head-popping politician, and the second is Ryan – Homelander’s son, who has the potential to be equally (if not more) powerful than Daddy dearest.

The other issue that season four needs to address is Butcher’s health, as his abuse of Compound V has left him fighting for his life. Maeve is now in hiding and most of the world thinks she’s dead – will she prove useful to Starlight and The Boys somehow? One must think she’s still alive for a reason.

Although fans will be excited to hear that filming has begun, it took months to film season three, followed by further long months of post-production. Therefore, it could be autumn/winter of 2023 before we find out what’s going to happen with Homelander, Butcher and the rest of the two rival gangs.

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