Here’s exactly when Rings of Power will release on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has shared details of exactly when the episodes of The Rings of Power will drop onto the streaming service in different time zones

The Rings of Power

Prime Video has announced the exact premiere dates and times internationally for The Rings of Power – the Lord of the Rings prequel series. The series will be shown weekly on Fridays, after a double-episode premiere.

The two-episode global series debut will be at 9pm Eastern (NYC) on September 1, which is 6pm Pacific (LA). Unfortunately, this is 2am on the morning of September 2 for the UK. Subsequent episodes will land on the service at 12am Eastern on Fridays, which is 5am on Fridays in the UK and 9pm Pacific on Thursdays. Hope that’s clear as the mud of the dead marshes of Mordor!

Anticipation is hotting up for the series, which will focus on a young Galadriel (Morfydd Clark). There are plenty of new characters in a huge ensemble, such as the Silvan Elf Arondir (Ismael Cruz Cordova), the dwarf prince Durin (Owain Arthur), and the hobbit-like Harfoot Elanor Brandyfoot (Markella Kavenagh). Elf High King Gil-galad (Benjamin Walker) will mentor a young Elrond (Robert Aramayo), who we saw portrayed by Hugo Weaving in Peter Jackson’s trilogy.

No expense has been spared in the epic series, and that can be seen in the trailer and posters so far – especially in the costumes, armour, jewellery, and weapons, which are gorgeously detailed.

The series will reveal many places within Middle-earth that have never been seen before. The writers and creators have used Tolkien as a jumping-off point, but have invented most of the characters and story. Sauron will be a threat in the series, as Galadriel warns of his rise to power and calls on the elves to fight.

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