Superman fans are convinced Henry Cavill is in Black Adam

Fans of the DCEU and Henry Cavill's Superman are almost certain that the actor will be returning to the role of the Man of Steel in Black Adam.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

As I’m sure we all know by now, Black Adam is set to ‘shake up’ the power dynamic of the DCEU. And, of course, what better way is there to test that mighty power than to put the anti-hero up against the strongest superhero in the DC universe: Superman. However, with endless speculation about the future of Henry Cavill’s position as the Man of Steel, will he return to make an appearance in the upcoming superhero movie? DCEU fans are convinced that this will be the case.

With the Black Adam release date edging closer, DC fans are becoming increasingly hyped for the film, and eager to jump on rumours and speculation about the return of Cavill – potentially in a post credits role.

Specifically, fans have been swept up in rumours of Cavill appearing in LA to film reshoots for Black Adam, in a minor cameo role. That role could either be a post-credits scene, or a small supporting appearance in the body of the movie itself. Take a look at some of the posts that DC fans have been sharing about Cavill’s Superman in Black Adam below:

Of course, all the speculation about Cavill’s return means that the prospect of a Justice League 2 is also something that fans are putting on the cards. But, the DCEU has been in an unstable position for years now, recently underlined by the cancellation of Batgirl.

With all the chaos that’s been going on, and the apparent lack of planning, there are absolutely no guarantees about the DCEU’s future.

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Nevertheless, if the head honchos at Warner Bros. did decide that Cavill was still their Superman, and if he were to return in Black Adam, that would seem to make the direction of the DCEU somewhat clearer. It would open the door to future superhero team-ups, and potentially sequels to Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel. Cavill himself, who has always been an excellent Superman in less-than-excellent films, would certainly deserve it.

The action movie Black Adam is set to hit the big screen on October 22, so audiences won’t have to wait too long before finding out whether or not Cavill really is in the film.

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