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Matt Smith kept his Doctor Who sonic screwdriver

Matt Smith has admitted to keeping a sonic screwdriver from his time on the sci-fi series Doctor Who while promoting House of the Dragon

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

Were we ever lucky enough to star in one of the best sci-fi series ever made (Editor: The call is mere moments away, I’m sure), we’d definitely take a souvenir from the set. It seems as though Matt Smith agrees with us as well because he’s admitted to taking a souvenir from his time on Doctor Who.

Smith, who played the Eleventh incarnation of the time travelling Doctor, has said he took his sonic screwdriver with him when he hung up his bow tie. “I kept some cool stuff when I was doing Doctor Who. Well, I kept because they give you it,” he told The Rolling Stone. “You’ve just got a costume in your house that you can never wear because you’d look like a real wally. And I kept the sonic screwdriver.”

Smith’s not the first Doctor to admit to being given his Doctor Who costume. On the DVD commentary for his final episode, David Tennant reveals the costume department gave him a copy of his Doctor’s suit along with a few shirts and ties. Presumably, these suits will come in handy when Smith and Tennant inevitably return to the TV series.

Other actors have admitted to relieving the props department of a few key items. Daniel Radcliffe has admitted to keeping a set of glasses from the Harry Potter moviesChris Hemsworth, meanwhile, has managed to nab not one but five copies of his hammer, Mjolnir, from the Thor movies. Clearly, he’s a lot of nails that need sorting.

It’s also well known that Ryan Reynolds keeps Deadpool’s red leather chaps in his house. The coolest prop a star’s kept, though, has to be what Aaron Paul took from the Breaking Bad set. He managed to get his mitts on the skeletal head of Gus Fring from the episode where Gus has a run-in with a bomb.

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