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Lightyear is now streaming on Disney Plus

Lightyear, the animated movie spin-off from the popular Toy Story franchise, is now available to stream on Disney Plus, with Chris Evans voicing Buzz

Lightyear is now available to stream on Disney Plus

Six weeks after its theatrical release, Toy Story spin-off movie Lightyear is finally coming to streaming service Disney Plus. The animated movie tells the in-universe story of the man who inspired the fictional toy, making this Buzz Lightyear a separate entity to the beloved action figure voiced by Tim Allen.

In an interview with Extra, Allen said he “stayed out” of  Lightyear because it has “nothing to do” with the action figure version of Buzz he voiced. “It’s a whole new team that had nothing to do with the first movies,” he added. So, instead, Chris Evans has swapped the MCU for infinity and beyond as the voice actor for the IRL-but-not-IRL Buzz Lightyear in this ambitious adventure movie.

Other voice actors for the film include Taika Waititi, James Brolin, Keke Palmer,  Angus MacLane, Peter Sohn, Efren Ramirez, and Uzo Aduba. However, despite its star-studded cast, the sci-fi movie has struggled to light up the box office. It grossed $222 million worldwide against a $200 million production budget and set an unfortunate record for Pixar after dropping by 64.1% at the US box office.

The official synopsis for the Disney movie is as follows: “Legendary space ranger Buzz Lightyear embarks on an intergalactic adventure alongside ambitious recruits Izzy, Mo, Darby, and his robot companion, Sox. As this motley crew tackles their toughest mission yet, they must learn to work together as a team to escape the evil Zurg and his dutiful robot army that are never far behind.”

Along with Lightyear, all the Toy Story movies are also available to stream on Disney Plus. If you want to know more about the other Buzz’s motley crew, check out our ranking of the best Toy Story characters.