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Dragon Ball Z star believes that yes, Goku could beat Superman

Sean Schemmel, the English voice actor for Goku was recently asked if Goku could beat Superman, and he's really put a lot of thought into it

Goku Dragon Ball Z

It’s a debate that has raged for years between anime and DCEU fans – could Dragon Ball Z‘s Goku beat Superman in an epic battle? The question was recently put to Goku’s English voice actor Sean Schemmel – and it will come as no surprise who he is backing in a showdown to the death.

Speaking to IGN, Schemmel responded with an emphatic; “Yes is the short answer.” He then elaborated; “The long answer is yes: Goku is a god. There’s two scenarios where this would occur – if Earth is not in trouble, Goku would ask Superman to get close to the sun and get [as] charged up as possible, and then he’d fight him.”

“But if Earth was in danger, he would fight him as long as he could but then, probably, if he wasn’t having any success, he would probably just Instant Transmission Superman to a planet without a yellow sun – and then he would lose all his powers and Goku would win.”

Continuing, Schemmel added; “That’s the short version. I can talk to you about how I read a scientific article about how Superman’s only vulnerable to magic and kryptonite and that Goku’s energy that comes out of his hands is technically plasma and Superman would be unaffected by plasma energy, which is probably true. So again, there’s a much longer answer.” We’re glad that he’s really thought about it.

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