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Riverdale goes viral for bizarre Scarlet Witch scene

We're not quit sure what's going on in Riverdale, but one of the characters just pulled some Scarlet Witch superpowers out of nowhere

Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl in Riverdale

If you haven’t been following the events of Riverdale, you may well look at it from the outside and wonder what the hell is going on. To be fair, even if you do watch the TV series religiously, you may still have similar feelings, as the show just aired one of its most bizarre scenes to date, with an unusual link to the MCU.

Riverdale is a drama series catered to a teen audience, and is based on characters from Archie Comics. The show was picked up by The CW back in 2017, and has just got weirder and weirder over the years, to the point where no one is sure if the writers and cast are even taking this seriously anymore.

In the latest crazy twist from Riverdale, it appears the show has taken some inspiration from the Marvel movies, in a scene which has Cheryl looking a lot like the MCU character Scarlet Witch. Sadly, the budget for the CW series is not in the same league as Marvel, and it shows.

The current season of Riverdale has really stepped it up a notch when it comes to craziness, with the plot of season 6 taking us to an alternate dimension known as Rivervale, filled with ghosts and monsters.

In the latest development from the show, a comet threatens to destroy life as we know it, but not if Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) can help it. Imbued with incredible superpowers, she decides to take on the comet and save everyone.

Happy days, right? Well, not quite. The problem is, in bringing this story to life, Riverdale has gone for a full-on “copy your homework” move and kitted Cheryl out in a budget version of the Scarlet Witch’s costumes from the MCU movies to go with her copycat powers.

Social media has had a field day, of course. Twitter user Wandaslizzie shared the clip from Riverdale with the caption “Do not order Wanda Maximoff from Shein!”

We’re not quite sure how a TV show about High School football ended up with its characters floating in the air and using superpowers to stop a comet from hitting the Earth, but there you go. If you want to check out the real thing, here’s our guide to Marvel’s Phase 4.