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Bullet Train’s secret cameo explained

Action movie maestro David Leitch has a new movie in theatres, Bullet Train, but did you spot the secret cameo in all the carnage?

Bulllet Train secret cameo: Bad Pitt as Ladybug

David Leitch’s new action movie has pulled into the station, and it’s a blast. Stylish, funny, and thrilling, it’s everything you could possibly want from a film. Based on the book by Kōtarō Isaka, the film tells the Story of Ladybug, played by Brad Pitt.

In his own words, Ladybug is a ‘snatch and grab guy’ who specialises in robbing people before they realise it, but in actuality, he’s the world’s unluckiest assassin.  Tired of his constant bad luck, which causes jobs to escalate at best and go off the rails (pun intended) at worst, Ladybug is desperate for an easy job.

His wish is seemingly granted when his handler gives him a new mission. He must retrieve a briefcase from a Kyoto-bound bullet train. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. Ladybug’s bad luck catches up to him almost immediately, and a whole host of murderers, mercenaries, and wrong ‘uns are revealed to be on the train. Still, how bad can things get? The answer is very bad. Still, with so many assassins on the train, you may have missed the most important one, so here’s Bullet Train’s secret cameo explained. Warning, spoilers!

Who is Bullet Train’s secret cameo?

Bullet Train’s big secret cameo is none other than Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds plays the assassin Carver and is actually the man who killed White Death’s wife, putting the whole plot of the film in motion.

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Carver was the man tasked with retrieving the briefcase by Maria (Sandra Bullock), but he got ill at the last minute. Not wanting to let down their client Maria had Ladybug replace Carver on the job last minute.

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Why is Ryan Reynolds in Bullet Train?

Reynolds is good friends with Leitch, working with him on Deadpool 2. It may also be Pitt cashing in a favour.

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It’s easy to forget, but Pitt appeared in Deadpool 2, as well, playing the invisible X-Force member who got electrocuted about five seconds into the mission.

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