Daisy Ridley gatecrashes John Boyega interview to ask about MCU

John Boyega's Star Wars co-star Daisy Ridley is demanding answers regarding whether he is or will be part of the MCU, but Boyega thinks it's a cover up

Daisy Ridley and John Boyega

John Boyega has not really hidden his mixed feelings about his experience with Star Wars since the sequel trilogy ended in 2019. It is understandable that he probably doesn’t want to commit to another franchise, at least for a while, as he recovers from what many consider the wasted potential surrounding his character Finn.

But there’s one person who is demanding answers about whether Boyega will be joining that other mega-franchise – the MCU – any time soon. And that’s his good friend Daisy Ridley, who of course played Rey (cough – Skywalker – ugh). She’s so impatient to get closure on this matter, she interrupted an interview that he had with the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast recently.

She had more of a request than a question and it was “I would love for you to look Josh [the host] dead in the eye and convincingly tell him that you are really not part of the Marvel universe in any way.” Boyega responded; “trust me, I’ve had no talks, I haven’t done no Marvel movies. But I’m gonna watch ’em, I’m gonna be there in the audience though. I’m gonna be in the chair. Popcorn. Drinks. Bom.”

Boyega turned the tables on Ridley by saying; “The question is though – is she doing a Marvel movie? I always said Spider-Woman…” The host Josh Horowitz said; “she was throwing us off the scent!” Boyega said; “that’s what’s really going on, mate.”

Boyega is currently busy preparing for the long-awaited sequel to 2011’s Attack the Block. Speaking to Collider, Boyega said; “This process has been fantastic. The story has actually been presented by myself and Joe Cornish. We’ve collaborated heavily on making a story that makes sense for Moses and the other characters, and the new characters that will be coming up in the sequel too.”

“And then, also, there’s different perspectives in writing it, with Joe having his perspective and me having mine. London has changed so much, in so many different ways, over the years since the first movie. We’re just tryin’ to make sure we explore all of that, while bringing in a whole different vibe to that crazy ass first movie that we made.”

While we wait to see whether Boyega or Ridley do ever turn up in the MCU, check out our guide to Marvel’s Phase 4.