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Waterworld TV series is in “very early” stages, says Dan Trachtenberg

Dan Trachtenberg has given us a brief update on the status of the Waterworld TV series that's still in active development from Universal

Kevin Costner in Waterworld

There’s a Waterworld TV series on the way. Yes, a full sci-fi series based on the Kevin Costner flop where the planet is completely submerged and what remains of mankind fight over scraps. Dan Trachtenberg, director of the new Predator movie Prey, is attached, and we asked him about it. Unfortunately, there’s not much to report.

“It’s very, very, very, very early,” Trachtenberg told The Digital Fix on the subject. “We’ve just had the briefest of conversations about that. So I don’t have much to say about it.” While this might be slightly disappointing for some, it at least confirms the project is happening, and wheels are still in motion, even if those wheels are parked for the time being.

Released in 1995, Waterworld is an action movie directed by Kevin Reynolds, with Costner as The Mariner, a lone wanderer of the seas who, it turns out, has gills and webbed feet. He becomes embroiled in helping save a woman, Enola, from pirates led by Dennis Hopper. It takes place in 2500, when society has been destroyed by rising seas caused by climate change.

Despite being a very expensive disaster in the ’90s, Waterworld has a cult following. Something about destroying the planet and future generations having to suffer the consequences just seems to get more relevant. Who knew?

Attractions based on the adventure movie can be found in Universal Studios parks around the world, and we’ve got videogames, a sequel comic book, and of course, a tie-in novelisation. Only time will tell what course the new show takes. John Davis, a producer on the original science fiction movie, is involved, and we know it’s a follow-up.

More when we have it! In the meantime, Trachtenberg directed Prey, a Predator prequel set in the 1700s about a Comanche tribe facing the alien, which is coming to Disney Plus in the UK and Hulu in US on August 5.