Alien TV series filming next year, could release in 2023

With a new Alien TV series set to begin filming next year, the iconic science fiction franchise will expand to the small screen soon

The Xenomorph in Alien Covenant

The Alien franchise is gearing up to expand further as a new sci-fi series looks to begin filming next year, with a release date also potentially being lined up for some time in 2023. The Alien TV series is being written by Noah Hawley and will serve as a prequel story to the original horror movie.

Deadline reported that FX chief John Landgraf had offered updates on various small screen projects from Fox’s television department, with exciting news coming out regarding the spin-off to the classic science fiction movie world of Alien. Apparently, Hawley has now turned in all the scripts for the series, and production will begin in 2023.

Landgraf has previously claimed the show could debut in 2023, too, so the studio is clearly keen to get things moving on that one and hopefully they can operate with a quick turnaround. The Alien TV series will focus on a period of time before Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley, with the star of the original alien movie not involved in this project.

Ridley Scott, the director of the 1979 thriller movie, is on board as a producer for the series under the umbrella of his Scott Free production company.

It remains to be seen exactly what this new chapter in the Alien story will entail, but with no existing cast members involved, we should be set for a fresh and original take on the lore of the Xenomorph.

You can watch the classic Alien movie and its predecessors on the streaming service Disney Plus right now as part of a subscription to the platform.