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Joker 2 musical numbers more like A Star Is Born than In The Heights

Joker 2 is reportedly a musical, but it seems the inspirations for the DC movie are less big Broadway sing-alongs, and more dramatic

Joaquin Phoenix in Joker

It seems that Joker 2 is indeed a musical, but by the sounds of things, the DC movie mightn’t be as rousing as one might hope. A report from Variety contains some insider knowledge on the upcoming sequel, and the source plays down what kind of spectacle we might be getting.

So far, we know that Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix is returning as Arthur Dent, with Todd Phillips directing. Reports have circulated that Lady Gaga is set to play Harley Quinn, but nothing’s official yet. In Variety’s piece, it’s stated that “one insider stresses Joker 2 is more like A Star Is Born than In the Heights”.

This is likely because people’s minds go to lavish productions like West Side Story, or the aforementioned In The Heights, when they think of musicals. Y’know, huge choruses and big sing-alongs that carry the energy of seeing a full stage show. That’s probably not what Joker 2 – or Joker: Folie à Deux as it’s known – will be, instead sounding more like a drama movie with sung parts. We won’t lie, we’re a bit disappointed, this has such potential to be something of absolute chaos.

We are still apparently getting some elaborate choreography, with “complicated musical sequences” contributing to the budget. According to Variety, these scenes, as well as $20 million each for Phoenix and Phillips, and $10 million for Lady Gaga, leave the picture with a $150 million price-tag.

That’s quite a lot, but considering the reception for Joker, higher investment is a sound idea. The 2019 thriller movie was a phenomenon, making over one billion dollars worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing movie ever with an R-rating.

In the film, Phoenix plays Arthur Dent, an abused man who eventually goes on a murderous rampage after suffering years of systemic failure and misfortune. Hollywood at large loved it, with Phoenix winning the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Will they loved the next one as much? Depends on if they wear their dancing shoes. Check out the best comedy movies if you want something to really laugh at.