Predator actor wants to be Jason Voorhees next

The six foot nine actor who played the predator in Prey has his sights on another iconic horror movie villain next - one Jason Vorhees

The Predator in Prey

The actor and stuntman who had to don the Predator suit for the latest movie in the franchise – Prey – is 6 foot 9. Dane DiLiegro had to learn to parkour, and did a neck strengthening regime in order to prepare to take on the weight of the heavy suit. Visibility was also a challenge, what with his head being in the neck of the suit.

Speaking to Bloody Disgusting, DiLiegro says; “I trained for two months of parkour. I’m 6′ 9″ and not many 6′ 9” guys do parkour. I had to learn the basics of that. I trained in martial arts for two months.”

“I trained my neck. I teamed up with a company called Iron Neck and strengthened my neck for two months because the Predator’s head sits on top of my head, and it’s a lot of weight on the neck. It was about 13 pounds or something. On top of all the acting, I did all the stunts and the motion capture.”

After running around, almost blind, in a sweat-soaked suit for months on end, you might think that DiLiegro would want a break from horror movies. But he does have another iconic villain in his sights – one Jason Vorhees. “When I moved to Los Angeles, when I was hooked on only doing monsters, it was being a Predator and being Jason Voorhees. Jason Voorhees ties back even further into my childhood. I was him about four times for Halloween.”

“That character is fascinating to me because he’s a big supernatural child, and his movements are minimalist and effective. I mean, just tilting your head a centimeter to the right tells a completely different story of this character, and being granted the challenge to create and tell a story through Jason’s eyes to the audience, non-verbally, would be so much fun. He’s huge. He’s menacing. He doesn’t give a shit. He wants to avenge his mom.”

DiLiegro adds; “I have no idea how I would go about even being considered for a role like that, but to have that opportunity, would be astounding and an honour as well.”

He might be in luck, because we’ve heard a rumour that we might be getting some exciting Friday the 13th news soon.

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