Amber Midthunder is “so proud” of Prey Comanche dub

The new Predator movie, Prey, is available with a Comanche dub on Hulu and Disney Plus, and star Amber Midthunder told us how special this was for her

Amber Midthunder in Prey

Prey, the new Predator movie, is now streaming on Disney Plus and Hulu. In an unprecedented move for Hollywood, the horror movie is available fully dubbed in Comanche, the language of the Native American tribes depicted. Amber Midthunder, star of the action movie, told us how much coming back for the dubbing meant to her as a Native actor.

“Working with real Comanche language speakers and people who devote their lives to the preservation of their own language was the opportunity of a lifetime,” she said in an interview with The Digital Fix. “I’m so proud to be involved with that because this is the first time that a movie is being released also in a native dub version. It’s special in so many ways.”

Midthunder plays Naru, the main adversary for the alien hunter this go around. The cast of Prey all returned while the thriller movie was going through post-production to put the dub together. Initially there were plans to shot the entire film in Comanche and English, but this was put aside early on in favour of a redub down the line.

To access the Comanche version, you need to go to Extras on your platform of choice. Then you can enjoy Prey in fully spoken Comanche, which brings some new inflection to certain scenes.

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Prey has been widely well-reviewed, including by ourselves. In my Prey review, I called it “a refreshingly bold take on not just the long-suffering property but franchising in general”. I consider it second only to the original Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, and if you’ve already watched it in English, maybe give it another look to see if it’s as good the second time? Spoiler alert: it absolutely is.

Prey is now available on Disney Plus in the UK and Hulu in the US. Check out our list of science fiction movies for more extra-terrestrial happenings.