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Karl Urban reveals craziest stunt he’s ever done

Karl Urban has appeared in more action movie franchises than you can shake a stick at, but the craziest scene was he was ever involved with was for TV

Karl Urban

Karl Urban has appeared in an incredible amount of franchises – including Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, the MCU, and the Bourne movies, as well as Riddick, Dredd, and Doom. But despite his action credentials, he still says that the craziest stunt he’s ever been involved with was the whale scene in The Boys.

Urban recently went through some of his iconic characters with GQ, which of course includes Eomer, Judge Dredd, Bones, and Skurge. But nothing he’s done in a galaxy far, far away can compare to driving a speed boat into a 60 foot freshly-beached whale. Which is what he had to do in the second season of The Boys.

Reflecting on shooting this unhinged scene, Urban said; “The whale was probably one of the most crazy scenes I’ve ever shot in my career, to tell you the truth. That was me actually driving the speedboat. And the day that we picked was actually a pretty stormy day, and I was going at a considerable amount of speed, I was actually getting air off the waves.”

As much as Urban enjoyed the day, his co-star Jack Quaid (who plays Hughie) was definitely not having a whale-of-a-time. “Poor Jack Quaid had, I think, never been in a speedboat, let alone a speedboat that’s jumping waves and flying through the air. And he was freaked out.”

“He had a safety word, which was Karl, and he’s sitting at the front of the boat and he’s not facing me, apparently he’s screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘Karl, Karl, Karl!’ I didn’t hear him. But we ended the run, and this poor kid was white as a sheet. And I thought he was seasick or something, but he was terrified.”

“We ended up swapping him out and we had somebody else come and put Hughie’s clothes on, and this guy loved it, he was having a ball.”

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