The Last of Us trailer is here and the internet’s lost its mind

After the release of a trailer for the adaptation of The Last of Us TV series, fans of the original video game are losing their mind

Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us

When the news broke that HBO was making a TV series out of the acclaimed video game The Last of Us, fans of the franchise went crazy. Now, with the release of the first The Last of Us trailer, the internet has well and truly lost its mind at how accurately the footage appears to pay tribute to the game.

The survival video game is one of the most beloved releases of recent years, and the sci-fi series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey is sure to be a big success already. The incredible following built up by the source material means there is a ready-made audience for the show already ahead of its release next year.

The proof is in the pudding, too, as the first footage from the apocalyptic drama series dropped on August 21, 2022, and the internet was flooded with fans praising what appears to be a faithful adaptation. If you want to see the trailer, and catch some of the reactions from social media, look no further.

The teaser may only be roughly 30 seconds, but it does give us our best look yet at Pascal, famed for his role in the Star Wars series The Mandalorian, as the lead character Joel.

It also gives us a glimpse of Ramsey, who previously starred in Game of Thrones, as Ellie. The pair ultimately team up and fight for their lives in the face of a dangerous, post-pandemic world.

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Twitter user Scott Wampler tweeted: “Have heard a few things and maybe saw a few things I wasn’t supposed to see, and I’m here to tell you that all signs point to THE LAST OF US whooping a considerable amount of ass. Get excited.”

Writer Cory Varney said: “I am ready to make this show my whole personality in 2023.” Another user tweeted: “I wish it was coming out this year and not next.”

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