John Williams wants to score the next James Bond movie

John Williams, famed composer of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and more, would like to work on the next James Bond movie

Daniel Craig as James Bond

John Williams is perhaps the single most accomplished composer in Hollywood history, working on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Steven Spielberg movies, and more. There’s one particular action movie franchise he has his eyes on though, before he lays down his baton for good: James Bond.

In an interview with The Guardian, Williams revealed he’s keen to add his talents to 007’s next thriller movie. When asked about the prospect, his reply was simple: “I’d love it”. He goes on to discuss the joy and accomplishment he gets from creating music, stating that his whole career has been about pushing forward and finding new avenues to explore.

“Writing for film music is very difficult, it’s probably not a profession for all composers because… [it] can be very constricting and possibly very frustrating,” he explains. “Once I’ve done, finished with it, I close the book and go on to the next empty page, which has become a way of life where I’m very happy to get up each day to work. I’m very happy, I would feel very deprived if I couldn’t do it.”

Currently, Williams, who turned 90 in February, is putting together the score for Indiana Jones 5. He’s done so for every entry in the adventure movie franchise, and Spielberg and Lucas have been frequent collaborators of his.

Besides his work with those, he created music for Home Alone, the Harry Potter movies, Superman, and many more besides. Echoing his previous comments, he talks about spending a career working to the tight schedules of Hollywood, adding that now, he relishes in the challenge of figuring out how he’s going to finish something.

“I’m having fun, I invent something – ‘Ah, this can work, I can expand this in this way and orchestrate it in that way,'” he says. While we wait for more on the next instalment of James Bond, you can check out his latest work when Indiana Jones 5 opens in theatres June 20, 2023.