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Danny DeVito (respectfully) demands to be in the live-action Hercules

Danny DeVito, who played Phil the satyr in 1997's Hercules animated movie, demands that he should be in the live-action remake and we're starting the campaign

Phil the Satyr in Hercules

The live-action Disney remakes are coming thick and fast, with the next one being Pinocchio coming to Disney Plus in September. The Little Mermaid will be released in 2023, and Snow White is currently filming. The Sword in the Stone and Robin Hood are also in development. The latest one to be officially announced is Hercules, which will be directed by Aladdin’s Guy Ritchie.

As soon as it was announced, speculation began on social media regarding who could play Hercules – the Marvel Chrises are too old, sorry to break it to you – and also the supporting roles, which includes favourites such as Meg and the Muses, and villains such as Hades.

The best character of all though, has to be Hercules’ trainer and loyal companion Phil the satyr – voiced by Danny DeVito in the 1997 animated movie. And well, I think we’re all agreed that DeVito would make the perfect live-action Phil. DeVito himself also agrees, although maybe he has his sights set on another character?

For Wired, DeVito was asked the “web’s most searched questions” and of course, the live-action Hercules came up. DeVito responded; “If they don’t put me in that, they don’t have a hair on their ass!” Or maybe he meant playing the lead, not Phil? “I am the live-action Hercules!” You’re certainly thinking outside the box, Danny.

We’re certainly hoping that the live-action movie will be a musical extravaganza, because the songs were a highlight of the animation. The Muse’s songs – The Gospel Truth and A Star is Born – sung by Lillias White, LaChanze, Roz Ryan, Cheryl Freeman and Vanéese Y. Thomas are still known as some of the best in any Disney film.

While we wait to more about Hercules, especially the casting, check out our guide to the best Disney movies.