Mark Ruffalo isn’t tired of playing Hulk, he could do this all day

Mark Ruffalo is still exploring and stretching the character of the Hulk, even though he's been playing him for a decade, says Tatiana Maslany

Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk

Tatiana Maslany has been speaking effusively about her She-Hulk: Attorney at Law co-star Mark Ruffalo. Ruffalo has been playing The Hulk for a decade now, but has remained relatively under-the-radar within the MCU. Lest we forget, he’s never had his own stand-alone movie.

Of the original six Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America had their own trilogies which all came out pre-Endgame. The fourth Thor movie was just released in Summer 2022, and Black Widow eventually – and very belatedly – got her own movie in 2021. Even Hawkeye has now had his own titular Disney Plus series. And then there’s Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk, who has never had a green spotlight shone on him – sniff.

At least there’s She-Hulk, and it looks as though he will be getting some substantial screen-time alongside his cousin Jennifer Walters. As for whether he’s getting sick of playing the giant green angry guy, Maslany says he’s far from it. Speaking to ScreenRant, Maslany says; “I feel like what surprised me the most—but also didn’t, just because I know he’s such an incredible actor—was how much he comes to set with this sense of: everything is new.”

Maslany continues; “He just always seems to be exploring and experiencing it for the first time. There’s never this sense of like, ‘Yeah, yeah. I’ve been doing this for 10 years, and I’m phoning it in.’ He’s absolutely present. He’s always stretching that character, and he’s always listening.”

“And he really creates this sense on set with other actors, and with the crew and everybody, of total play and spontaneity. And you know we’re both in mo-cap suits. And yet, we felt like we were just like two kids playing.”

Disney may finally acquire the rights to the Hulk from Universal – potentially within the next year – and let’s hope it’s not too late for Ruffalo to finally get his day in the (green) sun.

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