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Brad Pitt has “sh*t list” of actors he avoids, says Bullet Train star

After a long career in Hollywood, it should come as no surprise that Brad Pitt has a list of certain people he would never work with

Brad Pitt in Bullet Train

After a long career in Hollywood, it should come as no surprise that Brad Pitt has formed opinions on his peers and actively avoids working with certain people. According to one of the stars of his new action movie Bullet Train, Pitt has an actual list of names of actors who he would never work with, and that’s exactly the kind of pettiness we can get on board with.

Pitt leads the line for the new thriller movie Bullet Train, which is directed by David Leitch, who previously worked on the John Wick movies. It’s a pretty good movie, and our Bullet Train review claims it may be the funniest movie of 2022 so far, so you know it must be worth a watch.

Bullet Train also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, but not every actor is lucky enough to work with Pitt. According to Taylor-Johnson in a recent interview with Variety, Pitt has collated a “shit list” of actors who he refuses to work with, for one reason or another.

“He is in a new chapter of his life, I think. You work with many actors and after a while you start making notes: ‘I am definitely not working with this person ever again’. Brad has this list too: the good list and the shit list,” Taylor-Johnson revealed.

What we wouldn’t give to take a look at that list! Pitt first started work back in the ‘80s, mainly in TV series, before really making a name for himself in ‘90s movies such as Seven and Fight Club.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Bullet Train

His Hollywood dominance continued well into the 2000s, and not only has he contributed to some of the best films of each decade, but he’s involved in some of the best movies of all time.

With a career spanning five decades now, we imagine that shit list has a fair few names on it! Hopefully there’s more good people than bad people in Hollywood though.