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Ewan McGregor isn’t interested in joining the MCU

Ewan McGregor has revealed that when it comes to franchises Star Wars is still top dog in his mind, and he's not fussed with joining the MCU

Ewan McGregor in Star Wars

Ewan McGregor has starred in multiple franchises such as Star Wars, and the Disney live-action movie, Beauty and the Beast. However, despite his ties with the House of Mouse, the actor is yet to make his big debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For all the superhero fans who were hoping to see the Obi-Wan Kenobi star meet the Avengers, we have some bad news. It looks like he isn’t going to show up in a Marvel movie anytime soon and will be sticking to his Star Wars character when it comes to Disney projects. During a panel at Fan Expo in Boston, McGregor revealed to Comicbook.com that he currently has no plans to appear in an MCU movie due to the fact that (right now anyway), he simply doesn’t want to.

“I don’t know. I don’t know that I want to do that,” McGregor said. “Because I love doing all different kinds of work. It’s true. I love to direct. I’d like to be in the theatre again,” he continued.

“I definitely want to do this again, you know, I’m in this Star Wars world. I feel like I don’t need another… I’m not looking for that anyway.”

However, the star didn’t completely shut the door on Marvel. McGregor did hint that he doesn’t know what the future may bring, and stated although he isn’t actively seeking an MCU gig, he won’t say he’ll never do one either.

“I feel like I shouldn’t say I wouldn’t do it,” McGregor said, “because in two years time, you’ll be like, ‘You said you were never going to do this!’ But I’m not looking for it particularly.”

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While McGregor may not have a Marvel movie lined up right now, the actor has got plenty of other projects to keep him busy. McGregor is set to voice a role in the family movie The Land of Sometimes alongside Helena Bonham Carter and Terry Jones.

Fans can also look forward to hearing the actor voice the part of Sebastian J Cricket in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming animated movie, Pinocchio, which is set to release on the streaming service Netflix come December 2022.