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Sly Stallone tried to “scare” Euphoria star on set of new action movie

Sylvester Stallone stars in a new action movie with Euphoria alum Javon Walton, and he tried to scare the young actor on their first day on set

Javon Walton and Sly Stallone in Samaritan

Action movie legend Sylvester Stallone stars in a new superhero movie with Euphoria alum Javon Walton, and he admitted he tried to scare the young actor on their first day on set, but it didn’t quite work. Samaritan is heading to the streaming service Prime Video on August 26, but has been in production for a very long time.

The epic thriller movie started filming roughly three years ago when Walton was just 13 years old. He has grown up a lot since then and has really started to make a name for himself after playing the Euphoria character Ashtray. But stepping on to your first feature film set and meeting someone like Stallone would be a daunting prospect for any young actor, though it didn’t seem to faze Walton all that much.

At a press conference attended by The Digital Fix, Stallone revealed that he tried to play a mean trick on Walton when they first met, but the young actor passed the test and showed Stallone he was up to the task of starring opposite him in Samaritan.

“Well, I try to intimidate him, scare him and make him forget his lines. So he doesn’t upstage me, I think,” Stallone joked. “Truthfully, though, you try to relax because I understand. I am a lot older, a lot larger. It throws you off your game, you think you’re ready, but you’re not.”

“So I put myself in their position, and I kept it light, like a child. I would joke, I did things, humour,” Stallone added. “So he was completely relaxed and actually started doing… He’s kind of a wise guy, in a good way.”

Over the course of filming the Amazon Prime movie, the pair clearly developed a fantastic rapport, and their shared love of boxing helped a little, too, even if it did lead to them “trash-talking each other every morning,” as Stallone described it.

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Stallone even shared some golfing tips with the young actor. Walton said: “He was like, ‘Okay, so how do you hold a golf club?’ And I held it. And he was like, ‘No. That’s not how you do it.'”

Sounds like a fun set to be on, and the chemistry between the two actors certainly translates onto the screen too. You can watch Samaritan from August 26 on Amazon Prime, and you can sign up for the service here.

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