The Strangers has three new horror movies in the works

Producer Roy Lee has said that three more movies in The Strangers series are on the way, continuing the theme of home invasion horror

The Strangers

The home invasion slasher is an enduringly popular sub-genre within horror movies, and over ten years since it came out in 2008 – Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers has only gained in cult classic status. It had an underseen sequel come out a decade after its release in 2018, called The Strangers: Prey at Night, but fans have been wondering if the idea would be returned to again.

Home invasion movies include Straw Dogs (1971), The Last House on the Left (1972), Funny Games (1997 and 2007), You’re Next (2011), Us (2019), and Villains (2019). Although not particularly critically acclaimed upon release, The Strangers’ reputation has grown in the years since as one of the best examples of the genre.

The Strangers is known for the now-famous line; “why are you doing this to us?” and the response; “because you were home.” Acclaimed horror movie producer Roy Lee was recently asked if we would be seeing anymore from The Strangers on The Boo Crew Podcast. His response was certainly surprising; “I think the next three are in production next month with another filmmaker that people will know.”

Three movies?! While that may seem unlikely, the next visit from The Strangers could potentially be a Fear Street Trilogy deal. Fear Street was a trio of connected horror movies from the same director (Leigh Janiak) released one week apart by Netflix in July 2021. Lee saying he thinks they are going into production next month sounds pretty vague though.

Lee also doesn’t mention Bryan Bertino’s involvement, as he wrote and directed the first movie and wrote the second, you would assume he’d have some kind of involvement if the ‘franchise’ were to be continued.

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