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Is The Flash cancelled?

Recent decisions made by Warner Bros have got fans worried about the future of the DCEU so we've looked into the question is The Flash cancelled?

Is The Flash cancelled: Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

Warner Bros, the studio who makes all your favourite DC movies, has been making some major changes to its upcoming slate. The most shocking announcement has been the cancellation of Batgirl – a film that was so far along in production that test screenings had begun. The news has got people asking, is The Flash cancelled?

The Flash is scheduled for release in June 2023 and will be the Scarlet Speedster’s first solo movie. Exact plot details are being kept secret at the moment, but we know the film is an adaptation of Flashpoint. It’s expected then that the film will deal with Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) accidentally breaking time and finding himself in a strange parallel dimension.

Some big names are signed up to star alongside Miller, including Michael Keaton, who’ll be reprising the role of Batman for the first time in 30 years. Of course, recent decisions by Warner Bros management and Miller’s ongoing personal problems have got DC fans concerned that the action movie may meet the same fate as Batgirl. So is The Flash cancelled?

Is The Flash movie cancelled?

As of August 2022, The Flash movie has not been cancelled. According to Warner Bros, the film is still set for release on June 23, 2023.

That said, there have been rumours circulating as of 11 August that Warners is rethinking its release strategy for the film. According to some insiders, that may include shelving the film entirely.

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Why would The Flash movie be cancelled?

Following the announcement that Batgirl was cancelled, a number of people online asked why The Flash hadn’t been cancelled. This was in reference to Miller’s recent arrests for disorderly conduct in Hawaii and other ongoing allegations made against the actor.

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These fans believe that Miller’s behaviour should have disqualified them from starring in a major blockbuster. There’s probably a degree of confusion surrounding the recent cancellation of The Flash TV series.

Is The FLash cancelled: Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

Why Isn’t The Flash movie cancelled?

This is pure speculation on our part, but as we see it, there are three likely reasons for The Flash going ahead. The first is the sheer amount of money Warners has poured into the project. According to Deadline, the film had a budget of $200 million, and that’s a lot of cash even for a studio as big as Warner Bros.

It’s likely as well that Miller and the cast have clauses in their contracts that state the film must have a cinema release. We saw the potential ramifications of a studio breaching a contract during Scarlet Johansson’s now resolved lawsuit against Disney. We think Warners may be trying to avoid a similar situation.

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If you’re wondering why this didn’t apply to the cast of Batgirl, well that movie was always heading straight to streaming. As such, we can’t imagine the cast members had the same clause in their contract.

Finally, The Flash seems to play a big role in the DCEU’s future. There have been rumours Warners was planning on using The Flash to reboot the DC timeline, and cancelling it would impact other projects currently in production.

Is The Flash cancelled: Grant Gustin as The Flash

Is The Flash TV series cancelled?

Yes, The Flash TV series has been cancelled. It was announced on August 1, 2022, that season 9 will be The Flash’s last series. The ninth season will be just 13 episodes long and will air in 2023.

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