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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s Better Call Saul cameo explained

Well, it's finally happened, Better Call Saul has finally caught up to Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are back selling meth

Aaon Paul and Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad promotional art

Well, it’s finally happened. After five full seasons and 11 episodes, Better Call Saul has finally caught up to Breaking Bad, and that means one thing. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are back! Yeah, cameos bitch! Yes, that’s right, in an episode titled Breaking Bad, our two favourite meth dealers, Walter and Jesse, return, but how?

Unsurprisingly, it was done in a flashback (Walter’s dead after all, whereas Jesse’s living a new life in Alaska after the events of his Netflix movie), specifically a flashback to Breaking Bad season 2’s episode 8, titled Better Call Saul. That’s the episode where Jesse and Walt first meet Saul – who’s representing Badger in court – and take him out to the desert to frighten him into dropping his client.

This time we see things from Saul’s perspective, however. Things begin with ol’ slippin’ Jimmy with a bag over his head, being driven into the desert. We then see the familiar scene of Saul being put on his knees in front of an open grave, begging for his life.

Next time we cut to the past, though,  Albuquerque’s best-worst lawyer has managed to smooth talk his way out of trouble, with Jesse and Walt employing him as their lawyer. As Jesse and Walt bicker Saul quickly deduces they’re the meth dealers responsible for the “blue stuff”, and he offers to help them expand their operation.

And that’s the last we see of Jesse and Walt in the episode, although Mike does warn Saul not to work with Walt and Jesse. He also reveals to Saul that Walt’s dying of lung cancer.

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