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Did She-Hulk just tease that the Hulk has a wife and kid?

Where is the Hulk going at the end of She-Hulk, could he be going to Sakaar to visit his wife and sin? It's might seem far-fetched but it's possible

The Hulk in She-Hulk

Episode 2 of She-Hulk saw Jen (Tatiana Maslany) having to deal with the fallout of her actions in the series premiere. Fired from her job for ‘Hulking out of work’, Jen finds herself out of options and has to take a token role as a superhuman lawyer.

Even worse, her first client is none other than Emil Blonsky, better known as The Abomination. You may remember this guy as the green mutant glob who tried to kill Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk and was last seen battling Wong in Shang-Chi. It turns out his jailers aren’t happy he’s been taking part in a superhero fight club.

Still, Jen feels conflicted about taking the case – even though it’s literally her only option – and gives Bruce a call to let him know she’s taking Blonsky’s case. Bruce is surprisingly sanguine about the whole thing revealing Hulk and Abomination made peace years ago. To be honest, though, Bruce is a little preoccupied to be angry as it’s revealed he’s in space. So where is the Hulk going at the end of She-Hulk episode 2?

Where is the Hulk going at the end of She-Hulk?

So, where might Bruce be going? Well, we have a few ideas. The most obvious is that Bruce is going to Sakaar. We know from the first episode that the Sakaarian people have been trying to track Hulk down for a while now, and they’re the ones who caused the accident that gave Jen super powers.

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But why would the Sakaarians want to find the Hulk? After all, he was just a famous gladiator, but it’s not like he was really important. But what if the Hulk is important to someone, a very special someone who lives on Sakaar?

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Does the Hulk have a wife and kid on Sakaar?

In the Planet Hulk comic books, which helped to inspire Thor: Ragnarok, the Hulk wasn’t just a gladiator. He was a freedom fighter, and while battling the tyrannical government of Sakaar, the Hulk fell in love.

Her name was Caiera, and she was a mighty warrior in her own right who married the Hulk after he took over as king. Eventually, Caiera fell pregnant with the Hulk’s son, who she named Skaar when he was born.

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It’s possible in the MCU that the Hulk had a wife and child of Sakaar before Thor arrived and stole him away from the Grandmaster. After all, it was Bruce who made the choice to leave, while the Hulk was adamant he should stay behind. Bruce also had no memory of the years Hulk had spent as a gladiator, so it’s not like he’d remember the fact he got hitched to an alien woman.

This might also explain why in Infinity War, Hulk was so reluctant to fight for Bruce. In the Hulk’s mind, Bruce had just torn him away from his family, so he wanted nothing to do with Banner. Perhaps then, when Bruce and the Hulk merged, the memories of Caiera returned, and he knew he’d have to return one day but lacked the means until the Sakaarian ship returned to pick him up.

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