Val Kilmer would like to play Batman again

After the huge success of his return in Top Gun: Maverick, Val Kilmer wants to reprise his role as Gotham's caped crusader and be Batman again


Fresh off the back of his return to the Top Gun cast, Val Kilmer has shared that there’s one more role that he’d like to reprise: Batman. Kilmer is one of many Batman actors, with his first (and only) time as the caped crusader coming in the ‘90s movie Batman Forever, after replacing Michael Keaton in the role.

At the time, Kilmer was coming to the end of his tenure as one of Hollywood’s leading stars, and in the next sequel Kilmer was himself replaced by George Clooney. In recent years Keaton has returned to the action movie superhero scene, starring as the MCU movies‘ version of Vulture. He was also due to return as Bruce Wayne himself, albeit now ageing, in Batgirl, and is expected to make an appearance as the character when The Flash release date arrives.

So inevitably, in a chat with IGN conducted over email, Kilmer was posed the question – would he like to play Batman once again? The actor’s response was surprisingly (some might even say refreshingly) blunt. In fact, it was only two words: “Yea please.”

Now, it’s not too hard to imagine a world where the actor does get his wish – especially with the success of the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun: Maverick and his role in it. That success, along with the current superhero movie fixation on multiverses and different versions of the same character, mean that there is a feasible way that Kilmer could don the cowl once again.

However, the slate of DC movies is currently in a state of serious change and instability. The Batgirl movie, which Keaton was lined up to return in, was scrapped; his appearance in Aquaman 2 is expected to be deleted; and who knows what’s going to happen to The Flash.

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Kilmer hasn’t been lined up to appear in any of those releases, as far as we know. But, if the situation does ever arise when there’s a DCEU movie that Kilmer could return in as Batman, the fascination with multiverses might well be over.

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