I Am Groot Marvel series is now streaming on Disney Plus

I Am Groot, a new animated series based on the extremely cute and ever-popular MCU character, is now streaming on Disney Plus for all users

I Am Groot on Disney Plus

There’s a new Marvel series on Disney Plus, and it features everyone’s favourite autonomous tree. I Am Groot, an animated series of shorts about Groot growing up and exploring the world, is now on the streaming service.

Contrary to the platform’s typical rollout for TV series, all six episodes of I Am Groot season 1 are available right now for your viewing pleasure. Don’t get used to this, though, because these are just five-minute shorts, so really you’ve got around one episode of another show. Still, new MCU, which is always welcome! And being a light-hearted spin-off is welcome reprieve from all the regular sci-fi series and action movies.

Kirsten Lepore, who has extensive experience in short films as well as working on Adventure Time, developed I Am Groot. If you’re hoping for any of the Guardians of the Galaxy members or MCU characters to show up, only Rocket Raccoon, voiced by Bradley Cooper is credited as appearing. But that doesn’t mean we won’t get cameos, just don’t hold your breath. Besides, Rocket and Groot are plenty of fun regardless.

I Am Groot’s place in the MCU is contested. Marvel Studios states that it is indeed canon, and the cast does suggest that, but James Gunn said during an Instagram Q’n’A that he finds that “hard to see”.

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To be fair, even if it wasn’t totally designed to fit into the wider franchise, it’s likely quite easy to write around I Am Groot. Unless Adam Warlock appears, it probably won’t impact Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 too much, either way. A second season of five episodes is on the way, though no release window is available yet.

I Am Groot is available now on Disney Plus. If you fancy more heroism, check out our list of the best superhero movies.