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National Treasure 3 is “really good” so far, Nicolas Cage involved

Development of National Treasure 3 is going really well according to Jerry Bruckheimer, and Nicolas Cage is involved in the project

Nicolas Cage in National Treasure

According to executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the development of National Treasure 3 is going really well so far. By the sounds of it, Nicolas Cage is set to be involved in the adventure movie project too, reprising his role from the 2000s movies, which is sure to delight fans of the franchise.

It’s been 15 years since the last movie in the series, and there has long been demand for a third instalment in the Disney movie saga. Disney of course is already working on a National Treasure TV series for its streaming service Disney Plus, but it has been confirmed that the show won’t feature Nicolas Cage’s character. That just won’t do, but luckily Bruckheimer has come to the rescue with his latest update on National Treasure 3.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Bruckheimer revealed the script for the family movie is complete and that it should be in Cage’s hands soon enough. Once the actor gives his seal of approval, the ball should surely start rolling pretty quickly from there.

“Let’s hope. We’re working on the script right now. Hopefully [Cage] likes it, but it’s really good. So I think we’ll get it to him shortly,” Bruckheimer confirmed.

It’s a curious turn of events, with Cage himself stating in April 2022 that he had no plans to return to the franchise in a Q+A session. Of course, that was in relation to the TV show, so maybe Cage just cleverly side-stepped the idea of a third movie being in the works.

It still sounds like very early days in the life of this action movie threequel, but at least it looks like things are moving in the right direction.

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