Disney Plus introducing ads later this year, getting more expensive

Disney Plus has announced that the streaming service is getting ads, and there will be a new premium tier for subscribers to choose from

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Disney has announced that its bespoke streaming service, Disney Plus, will be getting a little pricier for subscribers. During an earnings call, it was revealed that a new premium tier is coming to the platform, with the standard price now coming with ads.

Details gleaned by Variety include that Disney Plus Basic, which currently costs $7.99 and is the standard price everyone pays at the moment, but with advertisements. If you want to go ad-free for your Disney movies, you can, but for a significant increase. Disney Plus Premium will run US subscribers $10.99 a month. These prices will be introduced on December 8 stateside – we don’t know when UK users will be impacted. Reports of a price increase have circulated since at least May 2022.

“With our new ad-supported Disney Plus offering and an expanded lineup of plans across our entire streaming portfolio, we will be providing greater consumer choice at a variety of price points to cater to the diverse needs of our viewers and appeal to an even broader audience,” a statement from Kareem Daniel, chairman of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, reads.

Disney will also be bringing up the price of Hulu and ESPN Plus, from October 10 and August, respectively. The additions of ads on streaming platforms has been a hot button issue of late, with Netflix bringing in a free tier where viewers can watch TV series and films with some pecky adverts.

Disney Plus bringing in ads on a paid-for tier will be contentious. A large part of what’s allowed streaming to take hold is not having to suffer ad breaks, instead paying a nominal monthly fee. Having the fee, but with advertisements that could potentially interfere with your viewing experience, is sure to not sit well with some users.

Guess we’ll see how much goodwill having every Star Wars movie, Marvel movie, and Pixar movie buys. We’ll keep you update on when UK users might be impacted.