Fast X star discusses Ramsey’s growth in upcoming movie

Fast and Furious series star Nathalie Emmanuel has shared how her character Ramsey is set to change in the upcoming sequel movie Fast X.

Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey in Fast and Furious 9

Nathalie Emmanuel, one of the many stars in the upcoming Fast and Furious sequel Fast X, has hinted at some significant growth for her character Ramsey. Emmanuel joined the Fast and Furious cast as the hacktivist Ramsey back in 2015, in Furious 7. Since then, she has appeared in two further Fast and Furious movies, and her appearance in Fast X will mark the fourth time she has appeared in the long-running thriller movie series.

Her character has largely taken on a supporting role in Dom’s team and hasn’t had too many opportunities to actually get behind the wheel, only getting her first real taste of the action in F9. However, with Fast X that’s set to change, and according to Emmanuel, Ramsey will be continuing to position herself in the driver’s seat, while also changing in other ways too.

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Emmanuel stated that Ramsey would be returning for more “shenanigans with the family again”. She continued to reveal that the character is “definitely much more open to driving than she was before, but in [Fast X], we see Ramsey taking lead a bit more and continuing to affirm her place in the group and her necessity within the group, which is always really fun.”

So, not only will Ramsey continue to get a taste of the driving in the upcoming action movie sequel, but she’ll be proving herself as a leader too. The character’s supporting role has meant that, so far, she hasn’t had too many opportunities to show her leadership qualities within the Fast family, so it’s likely that Fast X will be the most challenging instalment for Ramsey to date.

Fans of the character will also note that Emmanuel mentioned how Ramsey would be proving her necessity. This could hint at some conflict between herself and other members of the crew, or just her biggest role in the series yet.

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But, whether it’s more time in the driving seat, bolstering her leadership credentials, or bursting out of that supporting role label, Emmanuel and Ramsey both look set for an exciting time when Fast X does finally release, in May 2023.

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