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Game of Thrones: which dragon becomes a White Walker?

Dragons are the power behind the Targaryen family, but which of these living engines of was turned into a White Walker by the Night King?

Game of Thrones: which dragon becomes a White Walker?

Which of Daenerys’ dragons was transformed into a White Walker? The fantasy series House of the Dragon has shown us exactly how the Targaryen family managed to keep control of Westeros for centuries before Robert’s Rebellion.

It was through the power of dragons the Targaryens maintained an iron grip on the throne. Indeed few weapons in the Seven Kingdoms could even injure a dragon, let alone kill them. But there are realms beyond Westeros and the purview of the Iron Throne. Beyond The Wall, in the land of forever winter, there are monsters.

These monsters, known as White Walkers, are living blizzards, and they’re followed by an army of the dead comprised of mammoths, giants, men, and more. Yet the White Waker’s mightiest servant was a dragon, but which dragon became a white walker?

Which dragon becomes a White Walker?

Viserion is the dragon who’s turned into a wight by the Night King. Viserion is killed by the Night King with an ice spear — when Dany travels north to rescue Jon Snow — after which the leader of the White Walkers resurrects the dragon.

The undead fiend then uses the power of his undead dragon to shatter The Wall allowing his armies to pass into The Seven Kingdoms. Viserion served his new master loyally until the Night King was killed by Arya, and the magic sustaining him was undone.

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