Idris Elba is sick of being asked if he’ll play James Bond

Idris Elba has been linked to the role of James Bond for years now, and the actor has admitted he is getting fed up of people asking about it

Idris Elba as Luther

At this point, the rumours linking Idris Elba to the role of James Bond feel like they’ve been going since the dawn of mankind, and that’s just to us mere spectators, so how do you think Elba feels. Well, he doesn’t like being asked about the 007 speculation, that’s for sure.

Elba is a top action movie performer, he’s cool and charming, and he’s obviously a very good-looking guy, so the fact he has been talked about as the next Bond should come as no surprise to anyone. With Daniel Craig completing his run in the James Bond movie franchise, the rumour mill is in overdrive again with a slew of British actors being touted as the next to take on the spy movie mantle.

Appearing on the Jemelle Hill is Unbothered podcast, Elba was promoting his new thriller movie Beast when talk turned to Bond. The actor sounds like he’s had enough of the rumours, and wants the questions to stop, because he simply doesn’t have any more answers to give on the topic.

“I have no more answers for it,” Elba said. “I just tell people, ‘Aw, don’t ask me that.’ Because a lot of times it’s really lazy journalism. And people try to use it as clickbait like ‘what’s he gonna say this time?’ I try to say the same things.”

Elba does have fun with the rumours sometimes though, and admitted to trolling fans in the past. “Every now and then, I’ll give them some philosophy on why I don’t want to do it or why it’s a rumour. But most times now, I tend not to talk about it.”

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Other names linked to the role of James Bond currently include Tom Hardy, DCEU star Henry Cavill, and even Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has been suggested as a younger version of the classic spy.

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