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Dwayne Johnson thinks you should take more naps

In a new post on Instagram, Dwayne Johnson imparted some thoughts on how to keep your head and the importance of a good night's sleep

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It’s about drive, it’s about power, but according to Black Adam star Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson, it’s also about getting enough sleep. The action movie actor, who was previously part of the Fast and Furious cast, shared the crucial life advice in a post on his Instagram page on August 28.

“One question I get asked consistently […] is how much sleep I get,” Johnson said in a video shot in a gym (of course). “I really try to get as much sleep as I possibly can, but I probably average four hours,” he revealed. “Here’s the truth. I don’t get enough [sleep],” he admitted. According to Johnson, his day starts at 6am with his daughters waking him up — and being, you know, The Rock, he hasn’t got a lot of time for himself, which makes quiet time all the more precious to him.

“The thing that allows me to do what I do is my time, my space, because the moment I walk out the door, my life changes,” he added. This, he explained, is why he prefers to drive in his pick-up truck rather than rely on drivers.

In the caption accompanying the video, he added, “Always protect the thing that allows you to do what you do. That’s my advice. When I walk out my front door, my life changes. Very few people in my world understand that universal pressure and energy that pushes and pulls me. And that’s ok, everyone doesn’t need to. But that’s why I always fight to protect my “things” that allow me to be productive, disruptive, balanced and happy.”

He continued, “I can move the crowds and shake cities baby. Whatever your “things” are, always fight to protect them because they allow to do what you do. To be productive, balanced, sharp and happy. And good Lord, let’s all try and get more sleep.”

You can see Dwayne Johnson next in the DCEU fantasy movie Black Adam on October 21, 2022. Meanwhile, if you want to see how his Fast and Furious character plays into the high-speed franchise, check out our guide to all the Fast and Furious movies in order.