Percy Jackson TV series is adding non-book scenes

The new Percy Jackson TV series will be a little different to the beloved book, with brand new original scenes being added to the Disney Plus series

Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson

The development of the new Percy Jackson TV series is moving ahead quickly, and fans of the young adult books should expect a few surprises when the show eventually drops on the streaming service Disney Plus. Apparently, there will be brand new, original scenes added to the TV series that haven’t appeared in the books.

The Percy Jackson franchise spawned two adventure movies back in 2010 and 2013, but that’s where the series ended. While fans have been crying out for more ever since the movies based on books were released, plans have been put in place at Disney to create a new series based on the novels. The show will star Walker Scobell in the titular role, with the young actor fresh from his time on the time travel movie The Adam Project on Netflix.

Now, according to a tweet from Becky Riordan, the wife of the original Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan, scenes have been filmed for the upcoming Disney Plus series that have never been seen before in the source material.

“Filming a non-book scene today I helped create that improves story logic. Spoilers, some of you thought there was some judgement. I don’t mind spoilers but please tag your posts so people can decide. In BC or not, please respect our employees on and off set and our work spaces,” Riordan tweeted.

We will probably have to wait for the Percy Jackson TV series release date to find out exactly what these scenes entail. The production of the show has been kept pretty tightly under wraps so far.

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