Tom Cruise wants to make a musical and play Tropic Thunder role again

Tom Cruise has got an eye on the future and he apparently wants to make a musical as well as reprise the role of Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder

Tom Cruise as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder

Tom Cruise hasn’t even finished filming what may be his last Mission: Impossible movies, but he’s already got an eye on the future. The action movie star is reportedly considering three new projects, one of which may involve Les Grossman, who we last saw at the MTV movie awards more than a decade ago.

Grossman was introduced in the comedy movie Tropic Thunder. A parody of short-tempered studio executives, the character was a hit with fans, and it seems Cruise enjoyed playing him enough to want to reprise the role. According to Deadline, Cruise and his longtime collaborator, Christopher McQuarrie, are developing three new movies.

Apparently, Cruise has long harboured ambitions about starring in a musical (Rock of Ages doesn’t count); he wants to make another franchisable thriller movie along the lines of the Mission films, and he wants to reprise Les Grossman in a future project. Deadline admits it’s unknown if this means Grossman would get his own film or if the character would crop up in other movies.

Cruise is also working on making a movie in outer space. He’s attached to a Doug Liman science fiction movie set to film on the International Space Station at some point in the future. Unfortunately, Cruise won’t be the first to shoot a movie in space. The Challenge, directed by Klim Shipenko, was filmed on the ISS in 2021.

To be honest, we don’t think Crusie will be too bothered. The man seems to love doping dangerous things for movies. It’s paid off for him, though. His latest movie Top Gun 2, has become one of the highest-grossing movies ever at the US box office and received rave reviews.

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