Moon Knight season 2 teased by Oscar Isaac on TikTok

Oscar Isaac has teased the possibility of Moon Knight season 2 after he was spotted on a TikTok with the director of the MCU series

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Moon Knight

After the fairly positive reception to the first season of Moon Knight, there has understandably been some demand for more of Oscar Isaac’s anti-hero in the MCU moving forward. There had been no word on Moon Knight season 2, until now, because Oscar Isaac himself was just spotted on TikTok, with the director of the Marvel series, and they were in Egypt!

Oscar Isaac took on the role of the titular MCU character, as well as his array of alter egos; from Steven Grant, to Marc Spector, and even Jake Lockley. The violent world of the Moon Knight TV series introduced us to literal Gods, as well as transporting us around the world, from London, to Egypt, and the Duat, the Egyptian Underworld. It was a show rich in thematic elements and wonderful visuals, and it had Oscar Isaac giving his best dodgy British accent. What more could you want?

Well, a Moon Knight season 2 release date would be nice. According to Oscar Isaac and his TikTok appearance, that’s exactly why he’s in Egypt right now.

TikTok user Hayaattiaaa shared a video on August 3, 2022, where she is casually sitting on a boat. Without seeing who she is speaking to, she asks: “The question on everyone’s mind, is there going to be a season 2?”

The camera then pans to Mohamed Diab, the director of the sci-fi series. Diab looks confused, and replies, “What, of Moon Knight?”

Moon Knight in the Moon Knight MCU series

Then, the camera pans again and none other than Oscar Isaac arrives on screen. “Why else would we be in Cairo?” the actor exclaimed.

It may be a while before we see Moon Knight pop up in an MCU movie, but at least it looks like we’ll see more of the badass vigilante in the world of Marvel soon.